Partner with the leading Manufacturing and Warehouse Inventory Management Software and enjoy exclusive partner benefits

Intangibles are great, but here are a few perks that you'll receive exclusively as one of Fishbowl's Partners.


"Fishbowl's partner team is top notch! They are active advocates for their partners, sharing ideas, collaborating on marketing, and being proactive in helping promote business that will benefit Fishbowl, as well as their partners." 

Dave Munson 

JHead of Sales, Kinein

Director of Sales, V Technologies

Simon Volta

Working with Fishbowl over the last couple of years and being part of the partner program has been a terrific experience. The partner program is a great program and has allowed our companies to collaborate together to help each other win new business. The Fishbowl team is quick to respond to leads and are extremely knowledgeable on their solution. The overall experience in working with Fishbowl has been truly wonderful and our customers continue to see the value in their solution which helps the leads we provide turn into increased closes. 

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ISV/Technology partners bring demonstrable value to customers, especially when the customers experience a seamless joint solution. We want customers to have all of their technology positioned perfectly the moment they are ready to go live with Fishbowl. Fishbowl will help you retain customers, enhance the customer experience, and earn additional revenue. 

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Why Partner with Fishbowl?

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Fishbowl is the #1 inventory management software for QuickBooks, so it is a great solution for clients that are out growing QuickBooks' inventory. We strive to give our partners' clients a more affordable option than moving to a large, custom ERP and still work with system they already know in QuickBooks.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

Napolean Hill

  • Includes CPAs, financial consultants, bookkeepers, business consultants, and other professional service providers.

Expand on the services you provide clients by including Fishbowl in your product offerings. Provide the best software solutions your current clients need while growing your customer base. Gain exclusive benefits by joining the Fishbowl Partner Program, including a fully-functioning, two-year consultants’ copy of Fishbowl.

  • Gain a new revenue stream through unlimited commission potential
  • Become a trusted resource for your customers’ most critical business needs
  • Ability to engage more with your clients and increase client retention.
  • Deliver a scalable and affordable inventory solution to enable your clients’ business.